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Jeff Oliver is now accepting Strength And Conditioning Coaching internship applications for all programs. Applicants should be recent college graduates or currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs. In addition applicants should be open minded, motivated, and enthusiastic about learning.


Coach high school and collegiate athletes, observe and assist professional athletes in the following areas of performance enhancement:

  • Dynamic Warm-ups / Flexibility Drills; including agility ladder
  • Speed Development
  • Lateral Movement Enhancement
  • Plyometric Drills
  • Conditioning; including slideboard work
  • Olympic Lifting and Explosive Training Techniques
  • Core Stabilization; including medicine ball work
  • Overall Strength Training with Increased Proprioceptive Demands


Jeff Oliver operates out of a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to improve athletic performance. Our headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts 50 miles west of Boston) is approximately 10,000 square feet with separate areas for olympic lifting, strength training and a variety of movement drills.

Our mission is to provide athletes of all ages and abilities the highest standard of sports conditioning and performance training, in an environment that fosters confidence and self-esteem. The summer session is a four day program, each athlete works out Monday through Thursday. The emphasis of the program is on improvement of speed, explosive power, balance and flexibility for all sports through properly taught strength training and power development drills. Each workout is approximately two hours in length; agility, dynamic stretching, plyometrics, conditioning, core strengthening, and weight training are integrated into every workout.

As an intern at Be Athletic you have a unique opportunity to learn through performance, observation, and hands on coaching. The internship begins with a three day training program taught by Jeff Oliver and his experienced staff. This is an opportunity to learn everything you will need to know to become successful in our program.

Here is a partial list of institutions where former Be Athletic interns have found employment:

  • Shawn Windle - Indiana Pacers
  • Jodi Nash - UNLV
  • Beth Byron - Univeristy of West Virginia
  • Tredell Dorsey - Georgia State
  • Chris Boyko - UMass / Amherst
  • Maureen Butler - University of Connecticut
  • MaryKate Jones - University of Iowa
  • Mike Kamal - Merrimac
  • Laura Sherbondy - Clemson
  • Matt Brand - UC Davis
  • Joe Varga - University of Rhode Island
  • John Field - Bucknell University
  • Elizabeth Proctor - University of Rhode Island
  • Ray Eady - University of Akron
  • Bobby Sepesy - University of California, PA
  • Michael Irr - Chicago Bulls
  • Lori Martin - Binghamton University
  • Marissa O'Neil - Core Performance Los Angeles
  • Joil Bergeron -
  • Diane Bourget - Weights on Wheels
  • Sarah Kelly - Western New England College


Summer: housing

An internship at Be Athletic will dramatically improve your skills as a coach over the twelve week period. Summer internships allow hands on coaching with up to 200 athletes per day. Our internship is a real life, learn by doing experience. If you are interested in any of these internship positions please send the application with a copy of your resume to:

Jeff Oliver/Strength and Conditioning Director
College of The Holy Cross
1 College St
Worcester, MA 01610